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Birthdate:Feb 12
Melody is a fictional character in the Haunted Boston RPG.
Species: Human
DoB: 17th June 1990
Skills: Cooking, telekinesis
Born: Boston, Mass. (parents/grandparents from Tibet)
Current Residence: Boston, Mass.

Family background: Mother and father emigrated from Tibet after their village was all but destroyed. They both worked in the Las Vegas hospitality industry, mother a caterer, father a chef. They moved to Boston when they decided to have children to ensure there was every opportunity for a good education for them. They worked hard to establish their business and reputation there before embarking on raising a family, and were soon the 'go to' people for the catering for the 'upper class'. Melody has two brothers, both younger, the youngest at university studying food chemistry, the other picking up the 'apron strings' and getting into the catering business. All three of them enjoy cooking, and family get-togethers would invariably see some jockeying for position in the kitchen of their parent's house. She has many aunts, uncles and cousins all over the country, and family ties are strong. Her parents are strict, and hold high expectations for all their children, Melody no less than her brothers. She respects them, and has a very strong connection with her brothers.

Personal history: While she proved to be a good student and fast learner, Melody was also a very 'mercurial' spirit, which on many occasions left her parents shaking their heads in bewilderment, and her teachers picking up the kid who might have pissed her off. She started to discover she was different in her early teens, especially when she was angry or pumped up, like after a great game of basketball. It was then that her 'ability' really became a bit of a problem, shots that shouldn't be going in did, and she at first didn't know she was even doing it. The look of disbelief on her own face was enough to cover it for a while, but eventually she figured it out and just as quickly had to figure out how to control it.

Career: In between jobs she cooks and works as waitress for events her parents are managing/involved in running. She hasn't held down a job for long as she tends to forget to keep her thoughts calm which can sometimes lead to inexplicable events for the person who annoyed/riled/excited her. She has started university but could never decide what she wanted to do there, so deferred after just one semester, telling her parents she didn't want to waste the money on something she wasn't going to finish, or work at.

Personality Traits: A teacher once stated that, "Melody makes mercury look slow!" At first meeting she can be a little quirky as she tries to figure you out. And having had to wrangle with her two brothers her entire life she can be a little up front. She is curious, and this can sometimes lead to a string of questions that will leave people reeling as there is not always time given for an answer, her mind having already rocketed ahead and surmised the answers where possible. After the initial cascade of questions, she might open up if she feels there is not threat, or shut down completely if there is. She has a rather loud voice and a regular habit of suffering 'foot in mouth' disease, which can cause her to exhibit her almost amazing ability to blush when she realises just what she has said and how it came across.

Her skills (telekinesis) though tend to get the better of her at times, and she has been struggling to teach herself how to control them to the point of being able to use them when she isn't pumped or pissed off. She is hoping one day to find someone who knows about this sort of thing and how to use it. And in the meantime she tries to find out as much as she can about a person or situation, to see if it's going to set off whatever it is in her that causes the 'energy' to explode, as she thinks of it.

PB - Dichen Lachman
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